AW&SOME is a creative duo &
a part time design collective.

Anders and Willow start the conversation, and get together with SOME to create playful, surprising, crafted and AW&SOME experiences .

Anders Mellbratt

Anders Mellbratt has a intelligent incessant curiousity that gives him a superman stamina and makes nothing boring. Perhaps due to his deep appreciation of people, Anders is great at managing projects, rescuing emotions and moral when things go wrong, and a most friendly and optomistic member of AW&SOME. He loves exploring news ways that humans can communicate with and through the technology that surrounds us. He is most happy when he is surrounded by his small friends of chips, leads and micro-controllers. He hopes that one day, he will own a Canon 5D or RED camera, and move into his dream home of a station garage.

Willow Tyrer

Willow is the slightly calmer component of the AW&SOME creative composite. She bends pixels into submission and carefully manipulates divs like were they delicate musical instruments. While constantly searching for the elusive building blocks that are key to UKP (Unrestrained Kids’ Play), she attempts to craft playfulness across visual, interactive and experimental environments. She whips something up, and says ,”Like this?”, and often the answer is “Yes”.