Fun & Games

On Thursday we got away from our computer screens to see some advertiser art (guess it’s a bit like the opposite of outsider art) and to play some indie video games.

Some friends were over from Stockholm who work for the production company Society 46 and we went to see what they were up to in the heart of hipsterville. They had created a web-connected generative art installation, where you could visit a website on your phone and “draw” on a projected screen. You would move the brush by tilting your phone in all directions. Simple and fun. We chatted to Koji and Devlin before heading off to The Wild Rumpus on Brick Lane.

We started off by being invited to a round of 4Fourths by the organiser. This game could be described as a onedimensional spaceship shooter (Anders, you’re obviously well versed in computer game jargon – vv ) . Four players in two teams work together in order to blow up nuclear … stuff and then finish by trying to kill the other team. Great fun, and easy to pick up!

Then we tried one round of B.U.T.T.O.N. by Copenhagen Game Collective. Looks like the perfect party game, too bad it’s not available for the mac. I’m thinking I should build some one-button controllers to play this at an event somewhere.

I proceeded to let down the Christian/religious world by letting God be mangled by Darwin’s evil machines in Jesus vs Dinosaurs. Not good. But very fun! (Image shows someone else playing)

We also looked at a classic arcade style game called Beast before leaving to say goodnight to Mr. Haggerston Fox on the way home.

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